Signs You’re Ready to Build a New Home

The to do list before you build a new home

Every individual has a dream of building a new house in his/her lifetime and it requires a lot of things to be in place. Finances, a suitable land, enough time to hunt for a property builder or personally supervise the work; get permission for building and a lot of things are also included in the list. Your dream home is where you are going to relax and enjoy life after a hectic working day, so it should reflect the way you imagine life to be – peaceful and full of happiness away from the chaos and hustle of the world.

Here are the five factors that you need to sure of before planning to construct a house for you and the family.

Buying the right property (land)

The land is where the new house will stand tall on completion, so it is of utmost importance that you choose the best possible place. The geography of the land would determine how the house will be constructed; factors such as length, design, width, and style of the house would be designed after that only. You can’t force a design to a land that is not suitable for that kind of design. Location of the plot is equally significant as you need the essential amenities like hospitals and schools in the same vicinity or at least a small drive away. Choosing to live in the heart of a city or a little away depends totally on you. The land should be leveled before you buy, to help you cut costs as well as make sure to avoid getting a land with rocks and damps within it. It would increase your expenses and may create problem for you in the future. Drainage lines, water pipelines, as well as other important services should be handy.

Price of your house

Price of your house

While building your dream haven make sure to calculate each and every aspect that goes into construction of the new house. Fix an amount that you would not spend beyond, so that your home becomes affordable for you rather than being a burden. It would include the land cost, stand duty, building material cost, contractor charges, taxes, and so on. Don’t go for complex structures for building as they would weigh heavily due to the complexity of executing them, rather opt for simple structures such as rectangles and squares which are easy to build and easier to maintain.

Eco-friendly home

There are plenty of technologies to reduce the carbon emission and safeguard mother earth. By choosing eco-friendly building materials built with prefab technology would reduce garbage on the site as well as pollution of water resources. Apart from that you can choose to have solar panels on the roof (energy conservation), rainwater harvesting system and wind mills and save money in the long run.

Deciding on the right builder

Once you are done with choosing the land and securing finances for constructions look for a builder with adequate research. It is best on your part to finalize a property builder who is reputed and have years of experience to prove his credibility along with proper certification or permit to construct in your area for example in land of 1000 sq ft if 800 sq ft area is permitted for construction then choose appropriate 800 sq ft house plan which best suited for you. Do your research to confirm that there are no complaints regarding financial breach, quality of workmanship or other legal cases against them. You would sleep peacefully, when your home is on safe hands. Take help of family members, friends or colleagues; they might refer you to some really good ones who worked with them. You can even visit the company’s previous client’s to have a closer look at how they have worked and the experience as well as post construction assistance.

Buy right products

Choose products which are essential for your home; it saves over expenditure and reduces power consumption as well (for electronic goods). Check their label and opt for energy saving devices and minimize the utility bills.