Building Your Dream Home in 90 Days now as Easy as 1-2-3


It’s a dream of everyone to own a home of their own some day. If you are ready with the budget and a plot to build your dream home, all you are going to need are the services of a good architect and a construction firm which can bring your dream abode into reality. If you haven’t been able to find someone so far and you really are looking forward to get nothing less than the best, BuildMyGhar is just the platform where you can find it all.

Even if you don’t have a plot available with you, you can find some great options listed on this very web portal.

How It Works

As a company driven by innovation and advanced technology, BuildMyGhar is an online portal where you can find thousands of designs for homes of all sizes. You just have to go through the list and select the home construction designthat you think is just what you want. After that, the company will send its experts as well as materials (unassembled), and will work out a feasible plan to deliver you your home in a matter of 90 days!

The Team

BuildMyGhar employs a team of specialists from different domains, who have graduated from the country’s most reputed institutions like IIT Delhi, IIT Kharagpur, IIM Lucknow, and more. Their average experience of more than 8 years ensures that you are always able to find every minute detail ofhome construction designwell looked-into while devising your home. So whether it is the walls, flooring or the ceiling of your home, everything will be crafted, structured and finished just as per your preset preference.

Reviews About The Company

If you have any doubt regarding the company or its amazing unbelievable way of working, you can go through the reviews available for it over the internet. The company boasts of an excellent work record, which itself is also a credential of it that places it in a league of its own.

The company also has its presence over social media platforms as well. By visiting its page you can not only get access to its home construction designs, features and benefits, but can also gain information about how people rate it, and can even leave a rating of your own.


For any further detail or query, you can always speak with its friendly customer care representatives and have your concerns answered right away.


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